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Hello everyone. Please tune into Resonance FM (www.resonancefm.com or 104.4 FM if you are in London) at 8pm every night during the London 2012 Paralympics - from tomorrow for my new show The Disabled List, capably produced by Sarah Nicol-Seldon.

Our aim is to bring you the sounds you won’t hear anywhere else.

Full details at www.lightchronicles.info/list
Email: list@lightchronicles.info
Twitter: @thedisabledlist

The reason why this exists at all

So I think, in the end, I’m just going to use this to blog. Sporadically. On non-disability related matters (because that stuff lives at http://spectrum.lightchronicles.info)

At the moment, it is functioning very much like my Twitter account, a place to share useful/interesting stuff. 

Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.
Albert Einstein - as attributed at the Einsteinhaus in Bern. 

Citymaus in Chicago. 


Citymaus in Chicago. 

I am getting frustrated in my search for legitimate discussions about #pacifism or #peace which aren’t either entirely philosophical (ie. “does it ever work”) or negative (“we have to stop the US/Israel/Iran etc because war is bad”)

Before someone suggests I leave the computer and go out into the real world, I am disabled. Communication on here is just easier.

My view: I believe all violence/coertion is wrong.

The UN disability representative once wrote that the best way for the world to reduce new disabilities would be to declare world peace.

Listening back to the copy of Nature’s Dream Harp given to me by Mr. Archer, I was reminded of this conversation - which I was privileged to engineer on #resonancefm .


Especially, if you have never heard an Aeolian harp, I can’t recommend this highly enough.

(It is ‘played’ by the wind in an area)